Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lighting that gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.

Restoration Hardware is an excellent place to purchase one-of-a-kind inspired materials and decor for your home. Although items are mass-produced, their home items all have that "i've collected these things for years and rummaged through flea markets to find them" kind of message. i do love collecting odds and ends by means of flea markets, garage sales and internet auctions. but, it is really nice when you can go out and purchase something quickly for that instant gratification. call it cheating if you want. Either way, RH is a great place to do so.

via restoration hardware

I recently discovered Sundance Catalog and fell in love with their country bohemian theme. These light fixtures have a great industrial feel but also remain soft and feminine.

via sundance catalog @ is a fabulous place to find hand crafted and original pieces of art for your home. Below are some of my favorites.

via jessedirk @ etsy

via illacreations @ etsy

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via barneche @ etsy
Lighting is a very important part of decorating and communicating that warm welcoming feel to your home. Steer away from your typical lighting fixtures. Look at uncommon objects for the potential to illuminate a room. Remember, almost anything can be made into a lamp, chandelier, or lantern.